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With more than 38 years of experience within the sales and installation of quality vinyl siding and window replacement industry, Siding & More Construction can GUARANTEE Expert Friendly Service and Excellent Savings for you and your home or office building. Whether you are improving the quality-of-life for your home, removing the need for repainting or exterior maintenance or helping to reduce energy costs and solidifying your home as an investment, Siding and More Construction Co. can make your home look like new, permanently!

Siding & More Siding & Windows

Important Facts About Vinyl Siding

Why Should I Buy Vinyl Siding?

You’ll never paint again! Vinyl siding is virtually maintenance free. According to the vinyl siding institute, the cost of siding a home with vinyl siding will be recovered by the time a house is painted for just the third time.

You’ll save on energy costs! Vinyl does not conduct heat or cold. Vinyl insulates over 200 times better than steel, more than 1000 times better than aluminum and is comparable to wood.

You’ll add value to your home! Planning to stay or planning to sell, vinyl siding adds to the market value of your home.

You will have a quieter home. Vinyl siding with insulating board reduces outside noise.

You will enjoy a maintenance-free exterior. Vinyl siding won’t rot, peel, crack or flake and is not affected by moisture!

Today’s vinyl siding comes in an array of colors and styles.

A good investment if you plan to sell, and even better if you plan to stay a few years

Benefits to the Quality of Your Home

> Over 10 styles to choose from
> Increases your homes’ value and marketability
> Your home will always look brand new everyday
> Lifetime labor & transferable material warranty
> Reduce high energy bills with vinyl siding and matching gutters
> Normally below competition pricing
> Zero down financing with approved credit