Combine Indoor & Outdoor Living Viewing with Inviting Doorways

Looking to make an inviting gateway from your home and outdoor living areas? Consider selecting sliding patio doors that provide direct access to the outside, natural light, and fresh air. There is  no additional space is required than the normal open space, and you can enjoy your exterior patio doors in a variety of shapes and sizes


What are the benefits of replacement vinyl patio doors?

Sliding vinyl patio doors are space-saving and an excellent solution for smaller rooms. Simonton sliding patio doors include a screen so that you can enjoy the outside temperature and breeze without the hassle of insects and other pests.

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Why vinyl sliding patio doors?

Simonton makes high-quality vinyl sliding patio doors. Vinyl is practically maintenance-free, durable, and energy-efficient, making it the perfect choice for your home! Vinyl sliding glass patio doors are an affordable option for replacement renos and new home projects

What are some signs it’s time to replace your existing sliding patio door?

Your current door is hard to open

Roller damage, misalignment, and frame damage are all possibilities for why it has become hard to open your door.

Decreased energy efficiency

Consider upgrading to a more energy-efficient replacement sliding patio door if your existing one is the cause of energy leakage. As your patio door ages, the frame and/or sash may warp over time.

Glass begins to fog

When condensation begins to build between panes of glass, it’s an indicator that the seal on the insulating glass unit has been compromised. This will negatively impact the insulating properties of your sliding patio door.

Enjoy the outdoors every season of the year

A unique aspect of patio doors allows you to view your outdoor living area with effortless access. Many popular patio door styles allow for plenty of natural light and offer a space saver for your entryway. And sliding doors come in a variety of customizable sizes to fit your particular needs, and they’re quick and easy to clean, and operate and can match your home’s particular style.

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