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We specialize in soffit and fascia services in the greater Dallas area, ensuring the preservation of your roof’s appeal and functionality. We can replace or install new soffits to complete the look of your home and prevent future damage.


What is Soffit?

Soffit is a covering of the underside of any architectural structure.

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How Does Soffit  Protect Your Home?

Soffit ultimately serves two purposes: aesthetics and to keep moisture and the elements from damaging your rafters.

Soffit will protect your rafters from moisture that builds up and develops mold and mildew. It also provides a visual appeal that creates a seamless style and appearance that joins the underside of your home’s architecture to tour home’s siding.

Vented soffit allows the optimum amount of airflow into your attic. During everyday tasks like showering and laundry, moisture often rises to the attic and collects there. With vented soffit, that moisture can properly escape to prevent moisture build-up.

What is Fascia?

Fascia, or fascia board, is the long board just below the bottom tiles of the roof. It is forward-facing, is the final support for the bottom tiles on the roof, and where the gutters are attached.

New Soffit Installation Siding & More

How Does Fascia Protect Your Home?

One of the biggest dangers to the integrity of a home is moisture.  Fascia, like soffit, does protect your home from moisture build-up. However, it also supports gutter systems. Unlike soffit, fascia does not need to be vented.

Choosing vinyl soffits and fascia made from synthetic and composite materials offer easy maintenance and durability.

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