Vinyl Replacement Windows in Allen: What You Need to Know

Your home’s energy efficiency, security, and overall comfort hinge significantly on your windows. Should your windows exhibit signs of aging, leakage, or inefficiency, it’s worth considering the installation of replacement windows.

Opting for replacement windows represents an investment in your home’s energy conservation, aesthetic appeal, and overall worth. At Siding & More, we take this commitment seriously, drawing upon our 38 years of experience and a host of contented customers to guarantee top-quality work.

Siding & More specializes in the installation of high-performance, high-efficiency windows, including NT Window’s Energy Master Series and Simonton Reflection windows. These choices are underpinned by some of the industry’s most robust manufacturers’ warranties.


Reasons To Replace Your Windows

  • Enhanced Energy Efficiency: Installing new windows can result in substantial energy savings by preserving warmth during winter and coolness during summer, consequently reducing your utility bills.
  • Improved Comfort: New windows eliminate drafts and minimize noise pollution, enhancing the overall comfort within your home.
  • Heightened Security: Replacing your windows can bolster your home’s security, making it more challenging for potential intruders to gain access.
  • Enhanced Curb Appeal: New windows breathe new life into your home’s appearance, boosting its market value.

Simonton and NT Windows prioritize delivering exceptional value in their high-performance vinyl windows. Whether these windows are intended for use in residential, institutional, or light commercial settings, meticulous attention has been given to every aspect of their design, from the sash and frame to the balance system, hardware, and glazing system. These elements have been continuously refined and rigorously tested to ensure they provide superior performance for decades.

Several indicators suggest that it’s time to replace your windows:

  • Age: Windows typically have a lifespan of 20-30 years. If yours surpass this timeframe, they may exhibit signs of wear and tear.
  • Leakage or Drafts: If you sense cold air seeping in during winter or warm air infiltrating during summer, it signifies your windows’ energy inefficiency.
  • Operational Difficulty: Difficulty opening or closing windows, or broken seals, are telltale signs that replacement is in order.
  • Damage: Cracks, breakages, or other forms of damage necessitate immediate window replacement to maintain your home’s integrity and aesthetics.

Replacement Windows from NT Window

If you’re looking for vinyl window installation from a reputable manufacturer that’s also proud to be 100% made in America, NT Window, headquartered in Fort Worth, Texas, offers a selection of low-maintenance vinyl windows for every home. Siding & More carries only the best vinyl windows on the market, and that’s why we focus on quality from choice companies like NT Window.

NT Window
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NT Windows – Energy Master Series

The Energy Master Series vinyl window offers one of the most attractive choices in the replacement market. With high standards in design, strength and performance and many optional decorative and performance upgrades, homeowners will enjoy the benefits of their investment.

Vinyl Window Specifications
  • 7/8″ Dual Insulated Glass with Double Strength Glass
  • Dual FinSil weatherstripping
  • All Fusion Welded Frame and Sash
  • Tilt in sashes
  • New Construction Nailing Fin Optional
  • Lifetime Warranty
  • Fiberglass Screen
  • DP 40 Rating
  • TDI Windstorm Approved
NT Window Features
Performance Options
  • Double Low E
  • Exterior Frame Foam Wrap
  • DP 60 Performance Package
  • Bronze or Grey Tinted Glass
  • Glass Breakage Warranty
Single Hung window
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Replacement Windows from Simonton

That old saying is right—it is what’s on the inside that really matters. And what we have inside Reflections® by Simonton windows are many components designed to make them more energy efficient, less prone to air and water infiltration and more structurally sound. Window products manufactured by Simonton Windows are backed by a warranty against manufacturing and material defects.

Simonton Windows logo
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Our top-of-the-line replacement products are manufactured for independent wholesale building supply distributors throughout North America.

Seeing is believing! Whether you’re looking for decorating ideas or to see what our windows look like in an actual home, you won’t be disappointed with the endless design possibilities available with Reflections® by Simonton windows.

Ask about the 1,500 tax credit.
lifestyle reflections
Standard Features on Simonton’s Reflections Vinyl Replacement Windows
  • Fusion-welded Frame and Sash
  • Raised Exterior Design
  • Sloped Sill
  • Extruded Lift Rails
  • Air Lok™
  • Lap-Lok® Meeting Rail
  • Flush-mount Tilt Latches
  • Single Cam Locks (windows less than 28″ wide)
  • Dual Cam Locks (windows 28″ wide or greater)
  • Fin Seal Weatherstripping
  • Tilt-in/lift-out Sash
  • Stainless Steel Constant Force – 3/4″ Coil Spring Balance System
  • Denny Clip™ Pivot System
  • Single-strength Glass
  • 3/4″ Insulating Glass Unit
  • Intercept® Spacer System
  • Rollformed Screen Frame
  • Fiberglass Screen Mesh
  • Lifetime Limited Warranty
  • White Interior/Exterior

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The wide array of product lines meets the needs for replacement, remodeling, and new construction with different combinations of features—but always with the same high quality. The value that CertainTeed and Simonton builds into every window has helped make it the vinyl brands most used by building professionals across the country.

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