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When you need vinyl siding in Farmers Branch, Siding and More is the name to know. When you call Siding and More, you can rest assured you’re receiving the best quality siding, installed by our experienced installation professionals, backed up by the best parts and materials warranties in the siding business.

Choose from ProVia and Mastic premium vinyl sidings. They come in a wide range of colors and finishes to suit your unique taste and budget. They’re also constructed from the highest-quality materials, so they outlast and outperform other, similarly priced vinyl sidings on the market.

North Texas is known for sudden and extreme changes in temperature. These changes are extremely hard on painted wood siding and can make repainting every few years a real possibility. Siding and More’s premium vinyl siding provides years of hassle-free beauty and never requires repainting!

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Vinyl siding is the choice of homeowners looking to build or remodel in Farmers Branch for a variety of reasons, including:

  • Increased value and marketability of your Farmers Branch Texas home
  • Lifetime, transferable warranty on materials and labor
  • Insulates your home against heat, cold and noise
  • Helps prolong the life of your HVAC system
  • Reduces monthly heating and cooling bills
  • Maintenance-free, worry-free
  • Available in a variety of colors and finishes

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Vinyl Siding from Mastic, Alcoa, & PlyGem


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Structure siding, a distinctive offering from Quest Signature®, amalgamates unique design elements and patented solutions. These elements harmonize to create an optimal siding solution tailored for the most challenging climates. Crafted as a premium panel, it is engineered to deliver heightened performance, showcasing superior resistance capable of withstanding winds of up to 190 mph. Notably, Quest Signature incorporates an exclusive locking system and fortified nail hem, enhancing stability. With a thickness of .046″, it embodies both robustness and enduring aesthetics, ensuring lasting appeal with each passing year.

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Vinyl Siding from ProVia


That sounds like an impressive solution! ProVia’s CedarMAX insulated vinyl siding appears to offer a fantastic combination of benefits: durability, energy efficiency, and aesthetic appeal. The idea of a maintenance-free exterior is quite appealing, especially with a coating so much thicker than traditional paint.

The incorporation of rigid foam insulation is also a significant plus, potentially contributing to energy savings and comfort within the home. The fusion of these features seems like a smart investment in both the aesthetics and practicality of a house.

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