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To get the best quality exterior siding in Terrell, Siding and More is your best choice. Their professional personnel installs top quality materials plus they’ll stand behind the products with the finest parts and materials guarantee in the industry.

For Terrell homeowners, we carry a wide assortment of ProVia and Mastic vinyl siding supplies.  Made from the highest quality materials, they come in many colors and finishes and in all price ranges.

Vinyl siding in Terrell is the popular choice of property owners if they’re looking to build a new house or simply renovate the present one.

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Think about the incentives realized by investing in vinyl siding by Siding and More:

  • Your home’s equity is certainly increased
  • Your home’s marketability is improved upon
  • You receive a Lifetime transferrable warranty on material and labor
  • You experience substantially enhanced insulation against cold temperatures, high temperatures, and noises
  • You stretch the lifetime of your Heating/Air Conditioning systems
  • You will welcome how the product is virtually maintenance-free

There isn’t any kind of surface more easily taken care of than siding.  Even though made from vinyl, it really is nearly impossible to tell that it isn’t wood. It is only one of the reasons homeowners in Terrell purchase vinyl siding from Siding and More.

The brutal annual climate variations in Terrell are incredibly harmful to painted wood home siding. With siding you will not have to pay to paint your residence every few years.  If this sounds appealing, make the switch to Siding and Moore’s vinyl siding and enjoy years of maintenance-free beauty.

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Vinyl Siding from Mastic, Alcoa, & PlyyGem


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Structure siding, a top-tier vinyl siding fused with expanded polystyrene (EPS) foam, offers exceptional strength, style, and performance, significantly enhancing your home’s R-Value (its resistance to heat flow). With our patented T3-Lok System, this panel is built to endure winds of up to 160 mph!

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The exceptional design elements and patented innovations of Quest Signature® siding synergize to create the ultimate siding solution for harsh climates. Engineered for heightened performance, this premium panel is crafted to withstand winds of up to 190 mph. Quest Signature boasts an exclusive locking system, a reinforced nail hem for enhanced stability, and a .046” thickness for enduring strength and enduring aesthetic appeal, year after year.

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Vinyl Siding from ProVia


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Experience a maintenance-free life with premium vinyl siding, a coating 40 times thicker than paint, ensuring you’ll never need to worry about painting again.

ProVia’s CedarMAX insulated vinyl siding merges rigid foam insulation with Super Polymer vinyl siding, offering a remarkable fusion of beauty, durability, and energy efficiency.

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