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Vinyl Siding Trends for 2023

As supply chain issues level out, the siding industry remains strong. In fact, the siding industry is forecasted to grow from 101.7 billion dollars to 126.3 billion by 2028. Given these numbers, homeowners can rest assured that vinyl siding trends will continue dominating the home renovation space for years. Are you looking into a new […]

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Siding Trends for 2022

Siding Trends for 2022

Last year we saw some pretty popular siding trends course through the housing market, like very dark colors or very light colors, multi-textured exteriors, and earthy textures. This year, while many of these elements are still relevant and trendy, they’re showing up in 2022 with a few changes.  Color Scheme Color Blocking When it comes

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Top 5 siding trends for 2021

Top 5 Siding Trends for 2021

While home exterior trends are always ever-changing, the good news is that they’re not so hard to keep up with and even easier to get on board with. Home siding has greatly evolved over the last 65 years, yet, some of the best elements of home exteriors have outlived the times.  Perhaps you prefer the

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